Decatur County Courthouse
Cecilia Willis
Clerk of Superior Court, Decatur County Georgia
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The Courts

The various court divisions of the Decatur County Clerk's office are responsible for filing, processing, storing and retrieving civil and criminal records and reporting dispositions of those cases. The Decatur County Clerk's Office services Superior Court, State Court and Juvenile Court.

Superior Court

The Superior Court, Georgia's general jurisdiction trial court, has exclusive constitutional authority over felony cases, cases regarding title to land and equity, declaratory judgments, habeas corpus, mandamus, adoptions, name changes, divorces, child custody, and child support enforcement. The South Georgia Judicial Circuit has two judges, Chief Judge Judge J. Kevin Chason and Judge Heather Lanier.    See More

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State Court
The State Court is a trial court with limited jurisdiction covering arraignments and trials for misdemeanor offenses and traffic violations, fish and game violations, Department of Transportation (D.O.T.)  and civil actions unless the Superior Court has exclusive jurisdiction. Judge David Kendrick presides over State Court.  See More

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State Court Fines

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Juvenile Court

The Juvenile Court exercises jurisdiction in cases involving delinquent acts, unruly, and deprived children under 17 years of age. Child Support enforcement cases are also heard in this court.  Judge Rick Waters and Judge Joshua C. Bell preside over Juvenile Court.  See More

Bainbridge Municipal Court
The City of Bainbridge Municipal Court exercises limited jurisdiction involving traffic violations issued within the corporate city limits of Bainbridge as well as violations of city ordinances.  For more, see City of Bainbridge Municipal Court (not affiliated with the Decatur County Clerk of Court) City of Bainbridge 229-248-2000  

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