Decatur County Courthouse
Cecilia Willis
Clerk of Superior Court, Decatur County Georgia
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 Prospective Jurors

Prospective Jurors may check this page for additional information regarding pending service.

You may have been sent a summons to report as a traverse (trial)  juror.  A traverse (trial) juror may be seated in a criminal or civil matter.  A traverse (trial) juror will sit for the duration of a trial and will deliberate the facts of the case as presented in court.  A traverse juror, also known as a petit juror or trial juror, is a citizen who has been selected to serve on a trial jury in a legal action or prosecution.  Please click here for the State Bar of Georgia Juror's Manual .

All jurors MUST attend the first day of court regardless of the instructions here UNLESS they have been legally  excused or deferred.  Juror instructions will appear will be published on the Jury Information Line at 248-3007If you have not signed an affidavit or other paper for the Clerk of Superior Court or the Court, you have not been legally deferred or excused.  If you wish to be excused or deferred, please complete this form:  Juror Deferral / Excusal Form

Jurors summoned for are to report to the Main Courtroom by 9:00 A.M. unless otherwise specified.  Please remember, the court session BEGINS at the time specified on the summons and jurors should be seated INSIDE the courtroom by that time.  Security checks must be completed prior to entering the courtroom, so please allow plenty of time to be screened.  Please do not bring cell phones / other electronic devices or any type weapon (gun or knife and this includes pocket knives).

Current Juror Info